Monday, March 8, 2010

Color inspiration

When you're looking for a neutral color with visual impact, green is a great choice. It's always present outside and can be used for subtle punch inside, especially in living rooms, family rooms, and garden rooms. Mix greens just as you would in your garden, and then add complementary colors. Cool pastels, such as aqua, pink, and even white, work particularly well.
One of the most versatile colors, yellow creates the illusion of light in rooms with few windows. It also looks great in light-filled rooms, where natural light makes it appear paler. Yellow also pairs readily with colors found beside it in nature, such as tangerine, brown, fuchsia, lime green and persimmon. We see it used with success in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.
In varying degrees of intensity, pink may show up in living rooms, master bedrooms, and girl's rooms. As an accessory, in rugs, pillows, ceramics, and art, a little pink goes a long way toward softening hard edges and bringing in pretty color. For a chic effect, try pink alongside deep-brown or black surfaces. Or mix it with earth tones and pastels, such as white, beige, camel, or honey-gold, for an understated look.

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